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Ever since reading on some of the popular blogs about the effect of the latest PageRank updates on their blog, I too have been waiting eagerly to know Google’s decision on my blog. Hurray! Google has showered some blessings on me too. Yes, the PageRank of JoyceBabu.Com jumped from PR0 to PR3. Well, this may… Continue reading Page Rank Tools

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Speed up Google Analytics using simple PHP Script

Update:  Thanks to the wonder idea by Carl Mercier, the script is now available as a WordPress pluging. Please try Local Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best web traffic analysis service available. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is FREE, while most  of the similar services requires a premium membership… Continue reading Speed up Google Analytics using simple PHP Script

Opera 9.5 beta coming

The Desktop team of the worlds fastest browser, Opera, has announced that the beta version of the latest version, Opera 9.5 (code named Kestrel) will be released on October 25. I am really excited by this announcement. Opera has been my favorite browser ever since I started using it a few years back. I love… Continue reading Opera 9.5 beta coming

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Win a free logo contest

After starting this blog, I have read a lot on how to promote your blog and how to increase your traffic. One of the most important tip I have seen on several places was to use a unique and eye catchy design for your blog. I think a unique logo is as important as a… Continue reading Win a free logo contest


Cool Hotmail – A new MicroSoft initiative

Microsoft, one of the largest email service providers with their hotmail and live mail service, has introduced a new initiative called “” to lure Indian internet users to use their hotmail service. The service, powered by their live mail service, presently offers users 193 unique domain names to choose from, in addition to their standard… Continue reading Cool Hotmail – A new MicroSoft initiative

Thank you Mr. Cow

I have a happy news to share today. You might be remembering my third post last month on “How to win and spend $500” over at JohnCowdotCom.  I was talking over the phone today when my mail client reported a new mail. It was a report from my blog reporting a new pingback from JohnCowdotCom… Continue reading Thank you Mr. Cow

My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part III

This is the third post on the series, “My List of recommended WordPress Plugins”. In this post I wish to introduce the the four plugins that won the WordPress Plugin Competition hosted by Weblog Tools. The Grand Prize was won by the OneClick plugin by Anirudh Sanjeev. OneClick is a WordPress Plugin+Firefox Extension combo which… Continue reading My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part III

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