TorPlus v1.03 released

Today I am releasing the latest version of TorPlus. For those who still don’t know about TorPlus, it is a software bundle containing TOR (The Onion Router), Opera(browser) and Privoxy (web proxy software). The bundle is preconfigured to work through proxy servers with the help of Tor. You can move from the proxy mode to… Continue reading TorPlus v1.03 released

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Outsourcing and Relenta CRM

Today, many companies rely on outsourcing, freelancers, or contract workers in order to complete projects on time and in order to make a business grow. Small and medium-sized businesses, especially, often rely on contractors or freelancers in order to create better profits. There are many advantages to hiring freelancers. They require less money and generate… Continue reading Outsourcing and Relenta CRM

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Google Analytics Reporting Suite on AIR

Today I am going to write about an excellent application, which I discovered yesterday. The main reason why I hated checking out my Google Analytics reports was that I hated logging in to my Analytics account. My personal Google account is different from the one I use for website related uses, including Adsense, Sitemaps and Analytics.… Continue reading Google Analytics Reporting Suite on AIR

Speed up page loading & save bandwidth by reducing page size

Yesterday, while fixing some browser compatibility issues of my new theme, I was surprised to know that my homepage was over 400 KB in size and took more than 30 seconds to completely load with my DSL connection. More than 80 files, including images, javascript and css, were embedded within the page. I decided to… Continue reading Speed up page loading & save bandwidth by reducing page size

Best traffic analysis programs for your blog

If you are into blogging seriously and hope to become a professional blogger, then you should analyze your traffic regularly. Regular traffic analysis helps you a in knowing what kind of effect your posts are making on your readers. It helps you in understanding the topics your readers are interested.  A keen observation and wise… Continue reading Best traffic analysis programs for your blog