The Desktop team of the worlds fastest browser, Opera, has announced that the beta version of the latest version, Opera 9.5 (code named Kestrel) will be released on October 25. I am really excited by this announcement. Opera has been my favorite browser ever since I started using it a few years back. I love opera mainly because of its speed and less memory usage. Being a person who always have many tabs open at the same time, I find opera to be using much less resources than other browsers.

I have been using Kestrel for the last one month and I find it better than Opera 9, though still there are many unfixed bugs. Opera is world’s fastest browser and the latest 9.5 release is a complete rewrite of the original code. Hence the performance of Opera has improved unbelievably. You may check the results of some performance tests carried out on the latest versions of the popular browsers.

I will be updating my Opera+Tor+Privoxy bundle TorPlus, once the beta version is released.

You can download Opera 9.5 alpha from and latest snapshot of Kestrel from the desktop team’s blog.