Welcome to the downloads section of my site. Here you will find information on downloading my creations and works by others that I found interesting.


  • MySQL Dump Table Extractor
    This script allows you to list and extract one or more tables from a large mysql dump file. It can be used to extract and restore tables from the backup created by AutoMySQLBackup script.

WordPress Plugins

This section is dedicated to WordPress plugins created by me. As of now, there is just one plugin. Hopefully more will be added in future.

  • Local Analytics
    This is my first WordPress plugin. Thanks to Carl Mercier for this suggesting this wonderful idea after seeing my program for speeding up Google Analytics by periodically downloading and hosting urchin.js locally.
    Visit Plugin Homepage
  • WapPress
    This isĀ  another WordPress plugin by me for making your blog mobile friendly. It has many nice feature like automatic mobile browser detection and redirection, ability to create mobile sitemap, search engine friendly etc. Though this was the first plugin I started working on, this is still under development. Mainly because I am unable to fix a few bugs. The work is almost 80% complete.


This section contains softwares and other programs available for free download.

  • TorPlus
    TorPlus is a software bundle that helps you maintain your privacy online. TorPlus includes TOR (The Onion Router), Opera and Privoxy. The bundle is preconfigured and customized to include several features like flash blocker, ad blocker, script blocker, proxy server and many other features. Another important feature of TorPlus is that it is portable and can be run directly from your USB drive. Presently TorPlus supports both Opera and Kestrel (Opera 9.5). TorPlus is released under GNU GPL.
    Visit TorPlus Homepage

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