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After starting this blog, I have read a lot on how to promote your blog and how to increase your traffic. One of the most important tip I have seen on several places was to use a unique and eye catchy design for your blog. I think a unique logo is as important as a unique design. Unfortunately, a unique design and a unique logo can cost you a couple of hundred bucks. Hence I have started working on creating a new theme for this blog. But logo designing is something that is out of my reach.

But today, while visiting The Prize Blog, I got extremely happy to know that they are hosting a “Win a Logo” competition on their site. The Prize Blog, started in December 2006, is one of the top contest related blog in the blogosphere. The winner of the “Win a Logo” contest will receive a custom logo design for their blog from SOS Factory. If you are not lucky enough to win the custom logo, there is another prize of $20 for one runner-up.

The best thing about the contest is that entering the contest is really simple. Just mention the contest on your blog and link to contest page and The Prize Blog homepage. Though I haven’t confirmed this with them, mentioning about the contest below one of your regular post seems to be enough to enter the contest.

So stop thinking and write a post about the contest ASAP. There is less thanĀ  a week left for entering the contest. The winner will be anounced on October 17th.


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