Google being reported as fraud site by Opera

It has been almost a month since my last post. I will be extremely busy till the end of this month. The new year has been going great so far. All my exams, except one, were easy. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year (Yes, I know it is a bit too late 🙂 ).

Today early morning, my brother rushed in to my room and told me that our latest site,, is being reported as fraud site by Opera. I ran to my computer and found that it was true. I was surprised because the site is not yet complete and still it is being reported as a fraud site. I reloaded the page and it was then I noticed that it was not actually our site, but Google’s cache of my site that my brother was referring to. I checked my site and found that it was not showing any warnings. Next I checked for Google’s cache of and found that it too showed the same error. But the warning is not being shown on the datacenter homepage. I checked the page cache in some other datacenters [,] and they were not showing any such warning.

BTW, I had received several feedbacks and comments on Local Analytics. I am sorry, I wasn’t able to respond to your comments and fix the errors you have reported. I will try my best to fix those errors by the end of this month or early February.

Google reported as fraud site by Opera Site Check Google reported as fraud site by Opera Site Check

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  2. Hi, how you get the badges of technoratti rank and compete rank? Can you advice me? Cause, I check both side, unable to find this widget’s codes.

  3. firefox is the best…. I’m convinced. I use it at work and wouldn’t imagine life without it. (dramatic.. i know.)

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