So, you want to know more about me? Well, there isn’t much to know 🙂

Still Interested? Ok then, read on….

I did my B. Tech in Electronics and Communication at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, India. After graduation, I became a Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies and worked as a Datawarehousing developer. After an year of service at Wipro, I resigned and started a Web Development firm with my brother.

I bought my first computer when I was studying in XIth. It did not take long for my interest to turn towards programming. I began my programming career with Visual Basic and soon fell in love with PHP.

Like a typical Gemini, I enjoy being with other people, and loves to talk a lot about my field of interest and the latest thing I am doing. Some of my friends say that I talk a little too much, but I am sure they like listening to me. 🙂

Thats all about me. Thanks for stopping by for a visit, have a nice day and please come back again real soon!