Cool Hotmail – A new MicroSoft initiative

Microsoft, one of the largest email service providers with their hotmail and live mail service, has introduced a new initiative called “” to lure Indian internet users to use their hotmail service. The service, powered by their live mail service, presently offers users 193 unique domain names to choose from, in addition to their standard Live Mail features.

Microsoft believes that your email id truly reflects your personality. Hence they have classified the  into  5 groups namely Where I live, Who I like, Who am I, What I like and I Don’t fit. Some of the available domain names are,,,, and so on. You can also request for a particular domain, if it is not already on the list. Ofcourse, it is subject to the availability of the domain and they don’t guarantee that they will offer the domain even if it is available.

Other than for a few people who wish to try out new services, I am not sure how many people will be interested in this service. Most of the people will prefer to stick with their current email address. Also it is very unprofessional to use email addresses like these and to change email address every now and then. If you are really serious with your email address and use it for professional purposes, then I highly recommend you to get your own domain in your name or your company’s name. If you signup for a free Google Apps account with your domain, you and your friends/family/employees get a free 2 GB inbox with all standard Gmail features, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Personalized homepage too. Microsoft also provides a similar service named Windows Live Custom Domains. But personally, I think Google Apps is better than Windows Live Custom Domains.

By Joyce

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