Online Operating Systems – Moving towards Hard Disk free computers?

A few days back, while browsing the net, I came across an ZNet article on StartForce, an online operating system. Though I have heard of such online desktops before, this time I decided to make a post on it. A quick search on Google led me to several such venture including Open Source versions too. Below are some of the services that I… Continue reading Online Operating Systems – Moving towards Hard Disk free computers?

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How to win and spend $500

I started blogging because I wanted to make money online. But once I started blogging, I understood that making money online is not that easy. Wait a minute, did I say that online money making isn’t easy? Sorry, my mistake. If you are lucky, then earning 500 bucks is very simple. Yes, you read it right.… Continue reading How to win and spend $500


Netfirms Advantage Hosting

Netfirms is offering the Netfirms Advantage Website Hosting for $10 for one whole year. The plan includes $10 for one full year of Netfirms Advantage Hosting! 2 FREE domain names 20GB 250GB of disk space 750GB 2,000GB data transfer per month Host unlimited websites with a single account! Support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL 24-hour… Continue reading Netfirms Advantage Hosting

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TorOpera Plus

Ever since I blogged on the topic “Protect your privacy, Hide your identity“, I have been thinking about creating a package similar to OperaTor. My search for a simple programming solution lead me to AutoIt. According to AutoIt Script homepage, AutoIt is a freeware Windows automation language. It can be used to script most simple… Continue reading TorOpera Plus

My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part II

This is the second post on the series, “My List of recommended WordPress Plugins”. The previous post got a good amount of visits. I got busy with many things after that, hence this post got delayed. Today, I begin the list with a plugin that allows you to monetize your website efficiently. The Shylock Adsense Plugin … Continue reading My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part II

Webmails and Web Messengers – The web 2.0 style

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it is has increased the webmail box storage size to 5GB for free users and 10GB for premium users. But still, it is behind Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! mail and Rediff mail still leads with both providing unlimited mail storage space. Presently Gmail, the webmail service provided by Google, lags in… Continue reading Webmails and Web Messengers – The web 2.0 style

No more ‘NoFollow’

I have decided to remove the nofollow attribute from the comment author’s url. Since the blog is very young, I have so far recieved only a hand full of spam comments. Hence I decided to use the wordpress plugin DoFollow. I hope this will encourage visitors to start commenting on the posts. I hope this… Continue reading No more ‘NoFollow’