Outsourcing and Relenta CRM

Today, many companies rely on outsourcing, freelancers, or contract workers in order to complete projects on time and in order to make a business grow. Small and medium-sized businesses, especially, often rely on contractors or freelancers in order to create better profits.

There are many advantages to hiring freelancers. They require less money and generate more real work for the effort. In most cases, you pay freelancers only for the amount of work completed. This means that you do not pay for vacation time, coffee breaks, and so forth. This can save you a great deal of money over the average employee. Additionally, freelancers usually do not require insurance, benefits, and other additional expenses that traditional employees make use of. Many companies are also finding that outsourcing some of their work to freelancers allows them to hire people for occasional work. For example, if your company requires design services only once in a while, outsourcing to a freelancer can be less expensive than going to a company for your needs or hiring a design team permanently.

Keeping in touch with your virtual team with Relenta CRM

One challenge with outsourcing is that in many cases employers have less control over the work performed and must develop a failsafe communications system with their new employee. Relenta CRM software makes this very simple. A contractor or freelancer can be entered into the Relenta CRM system as a contact. That way, you can keep track of all the e-mail correspondence, information, and files exchanged between the company and the freelancer. Plus, Relenta CRM provides the ideal virtual workspace for both you and your contract employee. Simply assign the contract employee a department of their own, or give them access to the department that they are involved in. The employee can upload files, manage contacts, add assigned tasks in the shared online calendar, and interact with the department that he or she needs to interact with. At the same time, you can keep your financial department, and then any other department with sensitive information secure. Relenta CRM has gained immense popularity with many Chicago web development and Toronto SEO companies for it’s easy-to-use modules and intuitive interface.


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