Local Analytics – Errors & Suggestions

First of all, let me thank everyone, especially Joe, Kevin and David,  for their active participation and support in reporting the errors in Local Analytics. According to my Google Analytics stats, the plugin was downloaded over 200 times so far. A few errors were reported and fixed. Now the only unfixed problem is the corrupted zip file. I think it is caused by the some problem with my system, because it is showing some other troubles too. I will format my system and recreate the files in a few days.

I request you to report any difficulty or error you are having with the plugin. If no errors are reported during the next two days, then I will declare the current version stable and start working on the next version.

I also request you to suggest any improvements and changes you wish to include in the next version. Alex and David have made a very good suggestion, which I will try to incorporate in the new version. Though I don’t promise this, if I have time I will try to integrate the Analytics Reports also within the Administration Panel, as Jared and ekowanz asked.

By Joyce

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  1. I’m pumped to see that you are looking into integrating the Analytics window into the WordPress Admin Panel, I think that would be ridiculously helpful and time saving. Please let me know when/if you are able to accomplish this because I will definitely upgrade my plug-in.

    1. Jared,
      I am not promising, since time is a major constraint for me. I will try my best. Before that I want to make another plugin for redirecting slugs. There are some similar plugins, but I want some more features.

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