Since my exams are round the corner, I won’t be able to post on this blog for almost a month. I would like to thank each and every visitors of this blog for the support you have provided so far. I will be back soon and take care till then.

Btw, if anyone is interested in Guest Blogging on this blog, while I am away, I will be only happy to allow you do that. Thanks.

My first award

Green RA ProjectI feel greatly honored and really happy to let you know that I won my first award for this blog –  The ‘Readers First’ Award for November 2007. The award is given by the Readers Appreciation project for blogs that appreciate the value of their readers. I am in November’s winners list because I always ensure that I reply to each comment I get on this blog.

Joyce is also very good at responding to readers in the comments section, which is always commendable.

I was recommended for the award by David, for the support I provided for Local Analytics.

David: I would like to recommend Joyce for your readers first award. I am not sure whether he is a member of Reader Appreciation Project, but he has been providing very good support for his plugin.

David, if you still read this blog, please leave a comment on this post so that I can give you some link love 🙂 .

And before I conclude this post, I would like to thank David and all my readers for visiting the blog and sharing your opinions.

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[Review] Mango Languages

Do you love learning new languages? Did you ever wish to become a polyglot? Well, here is your chance to learn almost a dozen new languages for free.

Mango Languages is an online language learning system that facilitates you to learn almost a dozen new languages through their interactive website. According to the Mango Languages site,

Mango beta is an online language learning system freely available to everyone. Learn at your own pace with a suite of features that make language learning more engaging and fun.

Each language is divided into 100 lessons with each lesson having almost a hundred slides. Mango Languages actively engages audio and visual cues to help you learn the new language. The language lessons includes audio from native speakers of the language and phonetic transcriptions, so that you can learn the language with the correct pronunciation. Mango Languages also include quizzes to test and improve your language learning. The interface is created in Adobe Flash and I felt very much comfortable with it.

Mango Languages currently supports the following language lessons

  • Brazilian Portuguese for English Speakers
  • English for Polish Speakers
  • English for Spanish Speakers
  • French for English Speakers
  • German for English Speakers
  • Greek for English Speakers
  • Italian for English Speakers
  • Japanese for English Speakers
  • Mandarin Chinese for English Speakers
  • Pig Latin for English Speakers
  • Russian for English Speakers
  • Spanish for English Speakers

By early 2008, Mango Language plan to launch an updated version of the site by polishing the existing languages and by adding new languages to the system. Newly planned languages include Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Vietnamese, Thai, Cantonese Chinese, Irish Gaelic, Farsi, Hindi, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Mango Languages also allows offline learning using downloaded mp3 files, which can be burned into a CD or played using iPod. But, unlike the web learning, offline learning is not free and costs you $1.50 per lesson or $149.95 for an entire language.

If you are interested in Mango Languages, you might also be interested in the post How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour by Tim Ferris.

NoFollow Link Train

 I had always stayed away from Link Trains because of the fear of search engines penalizing my site. But today I found this Link Train on Jon’s site and found it interesting, because the links have a no follow tag on it. Since the Link Trains follows Google’s guideline of using the nofollow attribute, I too decided to join the train.

Why Join?

If the links have a nofollow tag, then why should you join the contest? There are four reasons.

  1.  Helps you get backlinks which will improve your Technorati ranking
  2. Increased exposure for your blog
  3. 10 lucky winners will get a copy of the book The 4-hour Workweek courtesy of Blogging The Movie
  4. And finally, each of the 10 lucky winners  will be able to host their own contest which will be sponsored by Blogging The Movie.

How to Join

  1. Write an original short snippet introduction to avoid duplicate content.
  2. Just copy the section between the start and end.
  3. Add your 3 favorite blogs with rel=”nofollow” in the link on the code page.

    <a href=”http://url.com/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>URL.com</a>

    This is extremely important to ensure that Google won’t ding us. Make sure you contact the bloggers and insist they participate so they can keep this going.

  4. Email your URL of your blog post to Free4hourWorkweek@gmail.com
    [Deadline: 12/31/07 ]

Favorite Blogs

Betshopboy | DerekSemmler | Enkay Blog | MsDanielle | JimiMorrisonsHead | Siteguide.us | Darin.cc | JonLee.ca | Samanathon | MrGaryLee | KellyCho | SusanSuarez | RobertaFerguson | Bloggrrl | TheKingKongBlog | TheBeefJerkyBlog | LifeisColourful | MarketingDeviant | MaleWail | RomanDock | 40hourstogo | TylerCruz | JonathanVolk | Egonitron | SuncoastScribe | Gnaka | WorldOfAngel | MyBlogContest | TheGeekBoys | JoyceBabu | JakelDaily | Internet Marketing FoolRobertMacEwan | StevenTruong | JobMobAdd your 3 Favorite Blogs here (it is important that you change the link to rel=”nofollow”)

Interesting Videos

I was extremely busy for the past few days, and that is the reason why I couldn’t post anything on this blog. Today I thought of making a post, but couldn’t think of anything to write. So I decided to share a few cool videos that I found on the net.

Web 2.0

We hear the word Web 2.0 almost everyday. But do you know what exactly is Web 2.0? If not, see the 5 minute video below by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. The video was released almost an year back, so it is most probable that some of you have already seen it.

[youtube NLlGopyXT_g nolink]

Google Conspiracy

I saw this video on a post in Steven’s blog and found it cool. Actually, I stopped using Google Toolbar after reading an article on the same topic, a few months back.

[youtube _GzA9Xu_oEo nolink]

Ubuntu + Beryl

I have installed Ubuntu on my system only once. It was long back and Ubuntu wasn’t as good as it is now. But recently, after watching this video, I have decided to try it again.

[youtube ZD7QraljRfM nolink]
BTW, the MyBlogLog Contest conducted by Badi Jones of SeoLog.com is coming to an end today. There are three prizes worth $1300 to be won. To enter the contest all you have to do is join the MyBlogLog community of SeoLogs and fill a simple form.

Also the Making Sales Making Money contest at ContestBlogger is going to end on Monday. The entry requirement is extremely simple and require you to link to the sponsor homepage using the text home based business opportunities and  to Contest Blogger homepage using the anchor text sweepstakes somewhere on your blog.

[Review] rssHugger

Today I would like to introduce you to a recently launched website – rssHugger. rssHugger is a website which allows bloggers to gain subscribers and subscribers to find new interesting blogs. rssHugger is the brain child of Collin LaHay. rssHugger will be the first ever quality, spam free, and viral rss directory strictly for bloggers.

When you submit your blog to rssHugger, you will be given a page on the site with your most recent posts. This will provide more exposure to your blog among subscribers. To know more about the advantages of joining rssHugger, visit the About section of rssHugger.

Initially you had to spend $20 or $10 and a review on your site to list your feed for 10 years on rssHugger. But now, you can add your feed for free by writing a review about the site. I advice you to write a review as early as possible, because they may revoke the offer when the number of reviews increases.

Best contest sites

A few days back I blogged on how to earn some easy bucks using your blog by participating in blog contests. Now many of the new and established blogs are holding contests to increase their popularity or to celebrate a special occassion to them. But it is not an easy task to find out the best competitions for joining. Now there are a number of blogs that are dedicated to contest that helps blogs conducting the contests to find participants and vice versa. Here are some of the contest blogs that I frequently visit.

  • Contest Blogger

    This is my favorite contest blog, which I visit very frequently. Contest Blogger specializes in blog contests only. Contest Blogger was the first blog that started participating in contests while blogging about them. What makes Contest Blogger special is the Contest Blogger Oath according to which any prize won by the Contest Blogger will be given away to its readers by holding another contest. Initially Contest Blogger used to post about all blog contests, but now only featured contest will appear on the blog. There is a integrated forum for other contests. If you need some publicity, you can also sponsor a contest.

  • The Prize Blog

    This was the first contest site that I visited and which tempted me to join different blog contests. Unlike Contest Blogger, The Prize Blog deals with all contests, not just contests hosted by blogs. If you are hosting a contest on your blog, you can have a basic listing for free or a featured listing for $20.

  • My Blog Contest

    My Blog Contest is another blog that allows both free and featured listing for your contests. For free listing, you will have to write up the post. The price for featured listing is not specified on the contact page.

  • My Blog Contests

    My Blog Contests is another cool blog on blog contests. Last day a  My Blog Contests toolbar was released which allows you to access all the My Blog Contests resources directly from the toolbar. Listing your contest on My Blog Contests is free.

  • Contest Beat

    Contest Beat is a highly updated blog dealing on blog contests. A featured sitewide listing of your contest on Contest Beat costs your $25. You can also have a free listing of your contest for free. If you are looking for sponsors for your contest or want to sponsor a contest, then there is a section for that too.

  • RevieWOW

    This is another contest blog that I occassionally visit.

So what are you waiting for? Visit one of the above websites and start participating in cool contests. And don’t forget to leave a comment, if you win any prize. Good Luck 🙂

CRM serves Church!

Have you ever thought of the fact that running a Church is not a simple work and the process is such a complicated one that sometimes it is better to hire managers to run this process? Are there any alternative and any thing that helps to automate the process?

The whole organization of Church must be structured and this structure can be fully assigned to Customer Relationship Management Software (Church software) that will be of a tremendous help to those who are in charge of running the organization of church procedures.

There are always a number of administrative tasks that are to be handled in Church, for example, church accounting, financial management, church membership and attendance tracking. To record and track the above mentioned things manually can be a real nightmare and will definitely demand more managers who are to be highly-qualified to handle this job. That is why Church Attendance Software and Church Finance Software integrated into one CRM is a must nowadays.

On the other side, modern CRM software can help make the process easy and well-structured. Church management software can be obtained from different manufacturers and not just from one vendor. It means that you have a choice of different Church CRMs that can boast of rich functionality that will cater for any taste. Customizable automated process, easy time tracking procedures and workflow management are just minimum required features for a good faith-based non-profit organization.

Make money by participating in contests

Holding a contest is one of the best way to increase visitors and your feedburner subscriber count. Participating in contests is one of the best way to make money online. The contest blogger is a cool blog that lists all the currently running competitions in the blogosphere.

I occassionally participate in competitions hosted by other blogs and have so far won 4 prizes.

  1. A free domain name of my choice from Thomas Sinfield
  2. A free ad spot in JonLee.ca
  3. $500 from JohnCow.com
  4. And Finally, $25 in cash and a free review from Cyber Street Report

I would like to thank all the above bloggers for their awesome prizes.

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My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part IV

It has been more than one month since my last post on the series “My List of recommended WordPress Plugins”. Once again I am back with 5 new plugins.

  • You may call this shameless self promotion. But I am starting this list with my own plugin – Local Analytics  🙂 . Local Analytics is a plugin for integrating Google Analytics into your WordPress powered blog. The main advantage of the plugin is its ability to locally cache urchin.js file, to speed up your page loading. You are also able to track downloads and external clicks with this highly configurable plugin.
  • The second plugin I am dealing with today is Defensio. You maybe already familiar with Defensio, as the recent public launch of the plugin created a lot of interest in the Blogosphere. I am happy to say that I was one of the beta testers of Defensio Anti spam plugin for WordPress. I liked the interface of the plugin much more than Akismet. As far as the spam detection is concerned, I think Defensio is a little too strict compared with Akismet. Fortunately, Defensio is said to have the ability to adapt to the site on which it is installed.
  • After posting a comment, many times I wanted to add some more information to the comment. Usually I post a second post below the first with the additional information. Fortunately, I found a plugin that allows commentators to edit their comment for a specified period of time, after it was posted. Administrators are able to edit comments directly from the post page. This cool plugin is called WP AJAX Edit Comments. Unfortunately, the plugin is showing some errors on my blog. I checked the plugin homepage and found out that it is caused by the threaded comments plugin.
  • In my Local Analytics plugin’s page, several users asked about the possibilty of integrating Google Analytics reports within the Word Press Admin Panel. WP-Reports is an awesome plugin by Joe Tan, that allows you to integrate your Google Analytics Reports and FeedBurner subscriber stats within your Administration Panel.
  • Last but not the least, I would like to recommend the Related Posts plugin from FairyFish. The plugin will display a list of related posts under all your posts. Unlike other similar plugins, this plugin can display a list of random or popular posts, if not related posts were found.

Please checkout these cool plugins and let me know your comments about the list. You may also be interested in the previous posts in the series