TorPlus v1.03 released

Today I am releasing the latest version of TorPlus. For those who still don’t know about TorPlus, it is a software bundle containing TOR (The Onion Router), Opera(browser) and Privoxy (web proxy software). The bundle is preconfigured to work through proxy servers with the help of Tor. You can move from the proxy mode to normal mode with one click. Opera is also preconfigured to include several modifications. You can enable / disable Cookies, Javascript, plugins, java and flash with a single click. Also you can switch your browser’s user agent also easily from the status bar. An adblocker is also included with the Opera.

I haven’t updated TorKestrel, yet. I will be updating it to the latest beta version soon.

You can download the latest version of TorPlus from the downloads section.

Update :  TorKestrel+ v1.0.3 has also been released


  • Updated Opera to latest version (v 9.24)
  • Updated Kestrel to latest beta version
  • Updated Tor to latest version (v
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