My list of recommended WordPress Plugins – Part IV

It has been more than one month since my last post on the series “My List of recommended WordPress Plugins”. Once again I am back with 5 new plugins.

  • You may call this shameless self promotion. But I am starting this list with my own plugin – Local Analytics  🙂 . Local Analytics is a plugin for integrating Google Analytics into your WordPress powered blog. The main advantage of the plugin is its ability to locally cache urchin.js file, to speed up your page loading. You are also able to track downloads and external clicks with this highly configurable plugin.
  • The second plugin I am dealing with today is Defensio. You maybe already familiar with Defensio, as the recent public launch of the plugin created a lot of interest in the Blogosphere. I am happy to say that I was one of the beta testers of Defensio Anti spam plugin for WordPress. I liked the interface of the plugin much more than Akismet. As far as the spam detection is concerned, I think Defensio is a little too strict compared with Akismet. Fortunately, Defensio is said to have the ability to adapt to the site on which it is installed.
  • After posting a comment, many times I wanted to add some more information to the comment. Usually I post a second post below the first with the additional information. Fortunately, I found a plugin that allows commentators to edit their comment for a specified period of time, after it was posted. Administrators are able to edit comments directly from the post page. This cool plugin is called WP AJAX Edit Comments. Unfortunately, the plugin is showing some errors on my blog. I checked the plugin homepage and found out that it is caused by the threaded comments plugin.
  • In my Local Analytics plugin’s page, several users asked about the possibilty of integrating Google Analytics reports within the Word Press Admin Panel. WP-Reports is an awesome plugin by Joe Tan, that allows you to integrate your Google Analytics Reports and FeedBurner subscriber stats within your Administration Panel.
  • Last but not the least, I would like to recommend the Related Posts plugin from FairyFish. The plugin will display a list of related posts under all your posts. Unlike other similar plugins, this plugin can display a list of random or popular posts, if not related posts were found.

Please checkout these cool plugins and let me know your comments about the list. You may also be interested in the previous posts in the series

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