My first award

Green RA ProjectI feel greatly honored and really happy to let you know that I won my first award for this blog –  The ‘Readers First’ Award for November 2007. The award is given by the Readers Appreciation project for blogs that appreciate the value of their readers. I am in November’s winners list because I always ensure that I reply to each comment I get on this blog.

Joyce is also very good at responding to readers in the comments section, which is always commendable.

I was recommended for the award by David, for the support I provided for Local Analytics.

David: I would like to recommend Joyce for your readers first award. I am not sure whether he is a member of Reader Appreciation Project, but he has been providing very good support for his plugin.

David, if you still read this blog, please leave a comment on this post so that I can give you some link love 🙂 .

And before I conclude this post, I would like to thank David and all my readers for visiting the blog and sharing your opinions.

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