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A few days back I blogged on how to earn some easy bucks using your blog by participating in blog contests. Now many of the new and established blogs are holding contests to increase their popularity or to celebrate a special occassion to them. But it is not an easy task to find out the best competitions for joining. Now there are a number of blogs that are dedicated to contest that helps blogs conducting the contests to find participants and vice versa. Here are some of the contest blogs that I frequently visit.

  • Contest Blogger

    This is my favorite contest blog, which I visit very frequently. Contest Blogger specializes in blog contests only. Contest Blogger was the first blog that started participating in contests while blogging about them. What makes Contest Blogger special is the Contest Blogger Oath according to which any prize won by the Contest Blogger will be given away to its readers by holding another contest. Initially Contest Blogger used to post about all blog contests, but now only featured contest will appear on the blog. There is a integrated forum for other contests. If you need some publicity, you can also sponsor a contest.

  • The Prize Blog

    This was the first contest site that I visited and which tempted me to join different blog contests. Unlike Contest Blogger, The Prize Blog deals with all contests, not just contests hosted by blogs. If you are hosting a contest on your blog, you can have a basic listing for free or a featured listing for $20.

  • My Blog Contest

    My Blog Contest is another blog that allows both free and featured listing for your contests. For free listing, you will have to write up the post. The price for featured listing is not specified on the contact page.

  • My Blog Contests

    My Blog Contests is another cool blog on blog contests. Last day a  My Blog Contests toolbar was released which allows you to access all the My Blog Contests resources directly from the toolbar. Listing your contest on My Blog Contests is free.

  • Contest Beat

    Contest Beat is a highly updated blog dealing on blog contests. A featured sitewide listing of your contest on Contest Beat costs your $25. You can also have a free listing of your contest for free. If you are looking for sponsors for your contest or want to sponsor a contest, then there is a section for that too.

  • RevieWOW

    This is another contest blog that I occassionally visit.

So what are you waiting for? Visit one of the above websites and start participating in cool contests. And don’t forget to leave a comment, if you win any prize. Good Luck 🙂


By Joyce

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  1. I’m actually having a contest right now on my blog. I’ve submitted to several of the sites you listed above.

    Contests are a great way to get publicity and more readers for a blog, but publicizing your contest is a must, and sites like those above are definitely a good start.

    1. If you can make a few bucks by appending something to the end of your blog post or by adding a link to your blogroll, why shouldn’t you try?

      Also not all contests require you to post about the contest on your blog. Most of them require you to just subscribe to their feed.

    1. I have seen John Cow mentioning about contest on other sites in his posts. But that was not to enter the contest. And that gave me this idea. But some contests require you to write an exclusive review.

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