How to win and spend $500

John Cow - $500 Competition

I started blogging because I wanted to make money online. But once I started blogging, I understood that making money online is not that easy. Wait a minute, did I say that online money making isn’t easy? Sorry, my mistake. If you are lucky, then earning 500 bucks is very simple. Yes, you read it right. JohnCow is giving away $500 in a contest sponsored by their web hosting provider, Micfo. Entering the contest is extremely simple. You have to post on your blog, how you would have spend the money, if it was awarded to you. The rules for joining the contest can be found in the post announcing the $500 contest at JohnCow.Com. I too decided to give the contest a shot. So, if I win the 500 bucks, this is how I would divide and spend it.

  • I have plans for two new sites, which requires a large amount of bandwidth. I have found a hosting plan which suits my needs. The new hosting costs me $10 / month or $100 annually. Hence, first of all, I would subscribe for the annual payment plan so that I can save another $20 ( Mr. Cow, you have earned me a total of $520). The new sites will increase my revenue further. 😮
  • I am planning to buy a Mac Book by mid October. I will spend an extra $200 and get the 13″ Black one instead of the 13″ White Mac Book (Still I don’t have enough money for a MacBook Pro 🙁 ).
  • If I get an interesting and creative idea, then I will run a contest here. Since I am not very rich or lucky as JohnCow, to get a sponsor like Micfo, the price money will be limited to $50 (or $100 in multiple competitions). The contests will bring more visitors to my blog and thus further increase my revenue 🙂 .
  • Finally, I will cash 100 bucks (which is about INR 4000/-) and buy myself a nice outfit and celebrate with my family(Afterall, it is free money hence I can be a little lavish 😉 ).
  • OMG, I still have $50 in my account. Well, the balance amount can stay in my Paypal account for any unforeseen needs that may arise. (Wow! $500 is quite a large amount and it took me one hour to decide and post how to spend it).

   Oh No! It was just a dream? I haven’t won the money 🙁 ?
Still, thanks a lot Mr. Cow. It was really interesting to even imagine.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and start planning. And if you win, don’t forget to thank JohnCow for the contest and Micfo for prize money.


By Joyce

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