TorPlus includes Kestrel support

I am releasing a minor update of the TorPlus proxy solution. This update changes the way in which file paths are referenced within the Opera Settings files. Previous released used relative path names. This created minor problems with user stylesheets. Hence the built-in IRC chat and feed reader lost their CSS formatting. Now absolute path is used within the files. This path is updated everytime TorPlus is run, thus the program is still portable. It is highly recommended that you don’t run the Opera browser directly.

Felix and Ray requested Kestrel support for TorPlus. Hence I am releasing TorKestrel+ also with this version. For those who are unaware of Kestrel, it is the official alpha release of the upcoming Opera v9.5. Opera v9.5 is promised to be much faster than all previous versions. Since Kestrel is still is alpha stage, TorKestrel+ is provided as a separate zip file, without Tor and Privoxy. To use TorKestrel+, download and extract the zip files of TorOpera+ and TorKestrel+ to the same directory.

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By Joyce

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