Netfirms Advantage Hosting

Netfirms is offering the Netfirms Advantage Website Hosting for $10 for one whole year. The plan includes

  • $10 for one full year of Netfirms Advantage Hosting!
  • 2 FREE domain names
  • 20GB 250GB of disk space
  • 750GB 2,000GB data transfer per month
  • Host unlimited websites with a single account!
  • Support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL
  • 24-hour technical support

But before anyone joins the I just thought of warning against their bad history. I have never hosted any of my site with Netfirms, hence I don’t have any direct experience. But I thought this offer was great and made a small search about their history and other webmaster reviews. It looks like Netfirms has a very bad history of providing inqualified, incompetent and slow technical support for their customers. I chatted with their sales support team and it was indeed too slow. They also have frequent database downtimes and some people have even complained about their files getting deleted. Infact Netfirms is said to work fine, if not great, for static file serving. If your site doesn’t use any server side language and doesn’t need any database connectivity, then they are not that bad. So if you have any file download site or a high traffic website, then it will be ok to host your media and static files in your Netfirms hosting account. But for that you will need another domain or a dedicated ip.

Their domain service is not said to have any problem. Hence the offer is not that bad because you get two domains for one year with the offer. But you should read the terms of use well before joining because, they may charge you for moving the domain to another registrar after the one year period.

I recommend you to read the experience of someone who hosted their website with Netfirms. He recommends 1 and 1 against netfirms, but I personally had run into trouble with 1&1 support when a client of mine hosted his website with them.

Before you change your hosting to a new webhost, I strongly recommend searching Google with the search phrase <Your webhost name> sucks. Even if you don’t know the advantages of the new webhost, it is extremely important to know the disadvantage of hosting your site with them. Infact I do this before joining any online programme or service. But this is most important when changing your webhost, because an inappropriate decision not only causes monetary losses, but can make you lose your valuable visitors too.

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