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There are many services out there that provide free sms sending options. But the problem with most of the services are that they are limited to a particular region or a handfull of carriers. Today I am going to introduce you to a service that has no limitation. You can send as many messages as you want. The service is from Callwave. They provide a number of free sms sending widgets which you can add to your Google homepage (iGoogle), Yahoo Widgets, Mac Dashboard or Vista sidebar. Once the widget is added, you have to register for a free Callwave account. Which can be done from the widget itself. You will need a valid mobile number capable of accepting SMS for registering, because you will be sent an activation number to the provided phone number. You can use the same account with all the above widgets. Further, you can access an archive of all your sent messages at your Account Page.

They also provide free Visual Voicemail service. If you fail to answer a received call, the call automatically gets forwarded to Callwave. Callwave records the call and shows it in your widget, from where you can access it. The messages can also be accessed from any mobile phone too. Unfortunately, the service is currently limited to U.S. Hopefully they will expand it to other countries too.

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  1. hi joyce,
    the article is informative but i dont find any practical use.if the things that u have discussed helped the readers the article will find more useful meaning to others…by discussing some free sms system which are only available in US will have little use…that is only to us belong ones….so plz give info abt global services.

    1. @Shafnaz – I really appreciate your comment and suggestion and will try make posts that are not geographically limited. But, FYI, my blog stats shows that more than 50% of my visitors are from the US.

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