Secret Classroom Blog Contest

When posting my previous post, I never thought that I will be writing another post so soon. But on seeing the prize, I couldn’t keep myself from entering Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom Blog Contest. The prizes are

  1. USD 1000 via Paypal
  2. A Copy of Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom DVD Set
  3. A 22″ Wide screen Acer LCD Computer Display

What is Secret Classroom?

Secret Classroom is an internet marketing course in a set of 12 DVDs featuring all the 12 episodes of reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire, with 2 hour sessions on internet marketing by experts like Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, Ray Edwards, Mark Joyner etc. These experts teaches a handful of aspiring entrepreneurs, the secrets of successful internet marketing, as if in a classroom. This much awaited course was released on December 5th and became an instant hit among internet marketers, both amateurs and professionals. The Secret Classroom is not a get rich quick gimmick. It is an education that will improve your income and your internet marketing business for the rest of your life.

I would have really loved to have a copy of the secret classroom. Unfortunately, the prize of the set is unaffordable for me right now. But I will surely get a copy when I can afford one. Have any of you bought a copy? If so, can you please tell your opinion on this internet marketing course?

So stop thinking  and enter the Secret Classroom Blog Contest at the earliest. Remember that time and tide waits for none.


By Joyce

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  1. I just recently wrote a detailed review of the Secret Classroom that you can read by following my link above. In a nutshell: I thought it had good and bad, though I was generally very pleased 🙂

    Unlike the other “reviews” that I’ve seen, I actually watched all the DVDs first, which helps!

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