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Today while visiting DigitalPoint I noticed that my last post was more than an year back. Hmm…That is a pretty long time. Many things happened during this one year. Now I am no longer a student, but runs my own web development firm with my brother. The new role brought with it new responsibilities too. So I could never find time for blogging, even though I really wanted to. Anyways, today I decided to spend some time to upgrade my blog, change its design and write this update.

I am so sorry for not updating Local Analytics for a long time. I heard that it does not work with newer versions of WordPress. I can’t make a promise, but I will try to update it when I have time.

Thats all for now. Have a great day 🙂

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By Joyce

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  1. Yep, welcome back! I’m using Local Analytics (the script, not the WP plugin) and also noticed that Google Analytics didn’t work anymore. It kept saying that the tracking code wasn’t installed/found. It looks as though Google is checking that the tracking code is unmodified, which of course returns false, since you have to modify the location of ga.js. Seems pretty solid, no idea how to get around that.

  2. Hello Appel,

    Try using the original code for one day, so that Google can find that the tracking code is installed correctly. Once GA starts tracking your traffic correctly, revert to Local Analytics.

    Btw, I have seen several comments that local storage will only increase the load time, as there is a possibility that the code was cached when the user visited another site. But from my own experience, the pages used to load faster with Local Analytics. So you might want want to benchmark the load time.

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