Free Yahoo Publiser Network (YPN) Vouchers

After reading on how to get free Yahoo Publiser Network (YPN) vouchers at, I decided to try my luck. And I found some good free vouchers. I don’t have any use of them.

You can create more vouchers by replacing the last 4 digits (USXXXX) of the final url with other random digits.

Hope this helps. And thank JC for giving away the idea for free.


By Joyce

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  1. thanks for the kind, words took alot of strength for me to back down! nice blog, you found the 100 dollar one did you i tried a couple and it didn’t work out! 😀

    1. I randomly tried out almost an hundred different combinations between 500 – 5000. I did not signup using any of these. The free assisted setup seems to be a good one. Professional help from yahoo worth $199 for free 😯

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