No more ‘NoFollow’

I have decided to remove the nofollow attribute from the comment author’s url. Since the blog is very young, I have so far recieved only a hand full of spam comments. Hence I decided to use the wordpress plugin DoFollow. I hope this will encourage visitors to start commenting on the posts. I hope this… Continue reading No more ‘NoFollow’

My first $100 month

Today I am very happy. The month I started using Adsense, which was almost eight months back, my net earning was just $60. From then on, my monthly earning showed a gradual increase. But I always had to wait for two months to break the $100 threshold. I have been waiting for this moment from… Continue reading My first $100 month

OpenID Enabled

Many of you must have noticed the OpenID field above the comment form. Yes, now the blog is OpenID enabled. You can login to the site and post comments using your OpenID. If you do not have an OpenID, I recommend you to get one. There are many free OpenID providers. MyOpenID – ( Verisign… Continue reading OpenID Enabled

[Review] Publisher Spot

Publisher Spot Today I am going to introduce you to the site Publisher Spot. Publisher Spot is an Ad Network Review site for helping out publishers select and rate the popular and major Ad Networks. One of the major mistake made by webmasters in monetizing their sites and the main reason for low earning from… Continue reading [Review] Publisher Spot

Blackle – The Black Google

In January 2007, a theory was was proposed in ecoIron that a black version of Google will save 750 Megawatt-hours of energy every year. This was based on the the article by Energy star that a white pixel needs more energy than a black pixel. According to the article, a white pixel needs 74watts of… Continue reading Blackle – The Black Google

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