My first $100 month

Today I am very happy. The month I started using Adsense, which was almost eight months back, my net earning was just $60. From then on, my monthly earning showed a gradual increase. But I always had to wait for two months to break the $100 threshold. I have been waiting for this moment from the first day I started using Adsense. And finally last month, July 2007, I earned $101.04. During the first few days of last month, I doubted whether it was going to attain even the $50 mark. Fortunately, there was a substantial increase in my pageviews and clicks during the last two weeks which helped me to overcome the slow start.

I never expected it was going to cross the threshold this month. But by the beginning of last week of the month, I became hopeful and started waiting for the moment. The final update of a days net earning usually occurs after a few minutes past 12 PM IST. When I checked my balance at 11:45 AM, it was $99.98. The next fifteen minutes had been extremely thrilling. And when I next refreshed my account, I almost jumped with joy. And finally, the most happiest moment of my life as a webmaster arrived.

By Joyce

I am a co-founder and director of Ennexa Technologies. To know more about me, visit my about page. You can find a list of websites maintained by our company at the links page.