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Publisher Spot

Today I am going to introduce you to the site Publisher Spot. Publisher Spot is an Ad Network Review site for helping out publishers select and rate the popular and major Ad Networks. One of the major mistake made by webmasters in monetizing their sites and the main reason for low earning from sites is the improper selection of the Ad Network. Some networks are known to work well with certain types of site/niche. For an established publishers, their extensive experience will help them select the best network. But for new publishers there is no way to know which is better, other than by testing out each ad network. If you plan to begin web development and marketing business seriously, then I advice you to try out each ad service to find out the pros and cons of each service. If all you want to do is to monetize your existing blog or site, then the best thing to do is to learn from the experience of others. Thats when Publisher Spot can be a great help to you.

Ad Network Reviews

At present there is extensive review and rating of about 15 most popular Adnetworks including Adsense, Kontera etc. Each review provides indepth details about

  • Main features
  • Publisher control over the ads
  • Available ad types and formats
  • Stats / Reports
  • Getting started with the new network
  • Payment (The most important part)
  • Referral programs

and much more.

Design / Navigation

The design of the site looks really good to me. It is simple and have easy navigability. I have always loved simple websites. The site also allow viewing the entries by rating/date. Also there is an advanced search feature which allows us to search for networks with features we want. With just 15 reviews, these features may not be that important. Lets hope that more and more ad networks will be reviewed and added to the list.

What I didn’t like

So far I have discussed why I liked the site. But there were some things that I didn’t like.

First and foremost, the usage of referral links in the reviews of Text Link Ads and Agloco. I think that is very unprofessional, because it gives the impression that the site is favoring certain networks. It would have been ok, if it was used only in “Visit Ad Network” link at the end of the review. But referral links, that stands out from the rest of the content, throughout some reviews looks very bad.

Also, there are two test entries in the reviews. Since the site is live, I think those reviews should also be removed. It shows lack of responsibility and concern.


A site like Publisher Spot looks really promising, but the success of such sites depends on its users. It is only when people rate the different ad networks from their own experience, the best network can be found out. Hence I strongly recommend everyone to rate the ad networks you have tried out, so that we can find out the best ad networks out there.

This entry was posted because Tyler Cruz, an internet entrepreneur and owner of Publisher Spot, was giving out a free link from his blog which is ranked 8,549 on Technorati. But the views posted in the review is of the author’s own opinion and is purely unbiased.

By Joyce

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