New blogs for Gmail, Orkut and Blogger

Google has released new blogs for Gmail, Orkut and Blogger.

According to the blog, the Gmail blog will contain feature updates, productivity tips, and some insights into the people and the technology behind Gmail. It will also have posts from other Google teams on topic related to Gmail, like using Gmail with Google Calendar andDocs & Spreadsheets. Presently the blog is read only as commenting is disabled.

Orkut is the worlds most popular social networking sites. It was lauched by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Google employee, in 2004 which was later taken over by Google. Now after three years, they have released an official blog for Orkut too with the first post being made by the founder himself. Though commenting is disabled in this blog too, a contact email is provided for feedback.

The new official Blogger blog is for  a special version of blogger called Blogger in draft which is used for testing new features before making them available to everyone. They have began the blog by testing new feature – video upload. Unlike the other two blogs, commenting is enabled in this blog as they would like to have feedback on the new features.

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