Extract single/multiple tables from MySQL dumpfile

An year back I posted on how to extract a single table from a MySQL dump file. Today, I decided to write a shell script to automate the whole process. Now it is possible to extract a single table or a range of tables from a dump file with a single command.


The script can be invoked with and without any parameters. The script usage is

./extract_table.sh mydumpfile.sql tablename tablename2

All parameters are optional. If the third argument is provided, the script will extract all tables from tablename to tablename2. If it is not specified, only tablename will be extracted.

If first and/or second argument(s) are/is omitted, the script goes into interactive mode, allowing you to select the file and table name. The interactive mode also allows you to view a list of all the tables in the dump file. You can extract a group of tables or a single table.


It took me a few hours to write the code. So, with the hope that someone will find this useful, I am releasing the code under MIT, BSD and GPL licenses. Feel free to contact me, if you are a fan of another license 🙂


The script can be downloaded from Github. The current version is 1.0.
MySQL Dump Table Extractor

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